Investigating a Build Configuration Change in TeamCity


Our team is using TeamCity to run our continuous integration and nightly builds for our current project.  We discovered that in one of our build configurations, there was a build step that was no longer present, and we wanted to know who/what deleted it.

After looking online without success, I found that TeamCity actually provides auditing for these kinds of activities out of the box.  In order to find this information do the following:

1.  Click on the Administration link in the upper, right-hand corner of the TeamCity dashboard.  (Yes – this requires administrator privileges for at least the project.)

2.  Click on the Audit link under the Project-related Settings section in the left-hand side of the screen.  (Shown below)


3.  Select desired filters above the results list.  You can filter by action, build configuration, and user.

4.  In the list item in Step 2, you can actually click on the “view changes” link to see a comparison of the configurations in order to find out what has changed.  Below is an example of a build step being disabled.


Hope this help.

AgileDotNet 2012

My company, Improving, is hosting our third annual AgileDotNet conference in Dallas on Friday, February 17th. It will be a day of presentations and discussion focused on agile software development on the Microsoft stack, ALM tools, and the leadership and cultural issues involved in agile IT.  Hope you can  join us!

Full details can be found here.