Turning on Intellisense with Visual Studio 2008

For whatever reason, when I was using Visual Studio 2008 this morning, I noticed that intellisense was not working.  Whenever I typed the period at the end of an object reference, no list of available methods and their associated parameters was made visible as a drop-down. 

I know that I am "man" enough to work without it, but I have come to really enjoy the productivity I get using intellisense - especially when learning a new API.

So, after exploring a bit, I found the settings and am documenting it here, so I don't forget for future reference.

1.  Click on Tools/Options in the upper-menu.


2.  Under Text Editor/All Languages navigate to the Statement Completion section at the top of the dialog and check the appropriate settings


There are 3 settings with the following explanation:

  • Auto list members - this is essential for intellisense to begin working.
  • Hide Advanced members - this will allow you to hide those properties, methods, and events that are not often used.
  • Parameter information - by default the auto list members only displays the name of the property, event, or method.  You must have this option checked in order to display the actual parameter information.

I hope this was helpful...