Six Interview Questions for Agile Teams

I was reading through my blogs tonight and came across one that did a nice job of explaining the qualities that an agile team member should possess.  In addition, the writer included a good behavioral interview question for each.
I briefly share each below, but I highly recommend reading the original article.
1. People Who Collaborate
"Think back to a recent project. Give me an example of a time you had to work with other people to make sure that you could finish something. What happened?"
2. People Who Ask for Help
"Think back to your most recent project. Tell me about a time you did not understand something. What did you do?"
3. People Who are Willing to Take Small Steps and Get Feedback
"When you work on your projects outside of work, how do you work?"
4. People Who are Willing To Do Something That is Good Enough for Now
"Tell me about a recent time you did not know everything at the beginning of the project. What did you do?"
5. Adaptable People
"Tell me about a time when you did not have the conditions you would've liked for your project. What did you do?"
6. People Willing to Work Outside Their Expertise
"Tell me about a time you took on work to help the team. What was that like?"
So, tell me dear Reader – what questions do you ask when interviewing candidates for an agile-oriented team?